Be amazed at the skill of our performers as we make fire dance for your entertainment! Our skilled performers will use a range of fire props to create unique performances and an exerperience you won’t forget!

  • Staff
  • Poi
  • Scyth
  • Snake poi
  • Twin staff
  • Sword
  • Fire tracing



These naked gas fires produce both heat and light, giving a fresh look to your event

Fire Combat

Fire combat requires at least two performers. While these props can be used solo, combat requires more than one. Our warriors will create a realistic fighting scene using a range of combat techniques with live fire!

Fire sword
Fire sword combat

Fire Projectors

Flame Projector Canon
Fireball Generator


Learn how to wield fire safely! We can teach you – from 1 to 10 person workshops are available. Ask about our fire workshops.

Fire Risk Assessment

Every fire show performance includes a fire risk assessment

  • Fire shows are only possible when there is no fire ban or restriction.
  • Each area that fire will be performed in will be assessed for risk, and if necesarry adjustments will be made, or the performance will be moved to another location
  • Each fire performance comes with safety equipment in the case of error
  • Each fire performance includes a dedicated fire safety officer
  • All performances are covered by liability insurance


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