Want your party to get medieval? We can offer a range of services, including Jesters, Pillory, and Steel Sword Combat.


Sometimes considered the bain of the medieval ages, our performers can rove around performing magical tricks, amazing feats of dexterity and telling wicked jokes to entertain your guests. Our jesters can also walk on stilts, twirl poi, twirl staff and gest with the best!

Our performers have authentic medieval garments to suit most medieval events, have ready knowledge of much of the old times and a wicked wit to suit!


The Pillory, sometimes called Stocks, was a device for punishing people for their misdeeds. We have a range of signs available to label your particular villains for their photo opportunity. We can provide a photo booth, signs and some costumes so that everyone can know your crime.

Pillory – He’s not the messiah, he’s just a very naughty boy!
Sometimes the pillory isn’t enough, and swords get involved!

Steel Sword Combat

Our warriors can create a steel sword fight scenario to match your event, dealing with a range of scenes and scenarios to tell a wondefull and amaznig story!


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